Introduction to gratitude

Welcome to Day One

Your mission today is gratitude.

Soak in

Gratitude has the power to change the way you see your life and the people in it.

Take a moment to ponder...

What do you feel grateful for in your life and your relationship?

A moment of gratitude every day tells your brain to look for the beauty, love and goodness that is around you. When we are always in do, do, do mode, we are skewed towards seeing the problems and danger around us.

When practiced over time, gratitude starts to shift our neurology and rewire our brains to be more attuned to seeing all we have in our lives to feel good about.

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Key points:

  • Gratitude helps us out of our natural tendency towards negativity.
  • It allows us to see all the goodness around us.
  • It shifts our neural default pathways, changing the filters through which we see the world.
  • Gratitude helps us out of the story in our head and back to our heart.
  • Gratitude helps you be more present

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