Gratitude practice

Gratitude practice

Here are your practices to deepen and explore gratitude. You can do them all or just pick what is right for you.

1. Affirmation

Say this all day long. Repeat it as often as you can remember. Put reminders on your phone. Write it on a post it on your computer screen. Be creative!

Today I have so much to be grateful for.

2. Journal prompts

Grab your journal, start with these prompts and see where your inner wisdom guides you.

I am grateful for where I am today because...

I am grateful to my partner for.....

I am grateful for....

3. Daily practice

As go to sleep, list three things you are grateful for. Write them down or tell your partner. You may be grateful for a feeling, a thing, an interaction or even a window of opportunity. Just make sure they are different every day.

This practice will get your mind scanning the world for goodness and over a few short weeks it will totally shift your perceptions and help you feel so much more supported.

Today I am grateful for.....(list three things)

4. Deep healing - Compassion exercise

If you are struggling to find anything that you have to be grateful for, or you are feeling really resistant to opening up to gratitude, rest assured that you are not alone. This is quite common and yes, it is a roadblock to your capacity to feel joy.

To get past this I recommend a compassion exercise. You can either read along or listen to the audio. I recommend the audio as you can have an inner experience which is where the transformation really happens.

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