Gratitude in relationships

In relationship

I believe gratitude is one of the 3 pillars of a strong, smart and thriving relationship. After the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over, it is natural and easy for us to slip into a pattern of noticing the negative more than the positive. This is not because the relationship is flawed, it is human nature.

Lack of appreciation from a partner is the biggest killer of connection in modern relationships and gratitude is the antidote. Gratitude opens us to seeing the good which shifts the energy and feel of the relationship.

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My story

I have personally found gratitude extremely powerful and transformative in my intimate relationship.

Sometimes I get stuck in the same old stories, such as: "My husband is working so hard and I feel unsupported and alone."

If I stay in this story, it creates its own momentum and before I know it I am cranky and resentful towards him. However, if I consciously scan my mind for gratitude – suddenly I see the picture differently,

✓ I am grateful that my husband has a job that financially supports us.

✓ I am happy that he is mentally stimulated and challenged.

✓ I am grateful that I have my own time and space within our marriage.

✓ I am grateful that I have the freedom to not have to work a full-time 9-5 job.

Resentment and crankiness just melt away.

If we make a conscious decision to see gratitude, it has the incredible power to shift us out of our gloomy and one-sided stories.

So today, all day long, wrap your awareness around all that you have to be grateful for in your life. Set your radar to it and start rewiring the pleasure pathways from the inside out.

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